US woman is cured just few hours after being diagnosed with lung cancer

November 26, 2022  20:38

An American woman was cured of lung cancer just a few hours after being diagnosed, the Daily Mail report.

April Boudreau, 61, of Texas, was receiving yearly CT scans after having survived cancer three times already—Hodgkin's lymphoma twice in the 1980s, and breast cancer in 2002.

The grandmother went for one of her routine checks in January when a scan showed a nodule on her right lung.

In spring, further tests revealed she had very early-stage lung cancer.

Doctors had already put her under local anesthetic to do the biopsy, and decided to operate there and then.

Using a robotically-guided ultra-thin catheter, they were able to make tiny incisions and pull out the tumor, known as minimally invasive thoracic surgery. 

Three days later, Boudreau was back to normal and up and about walking at home.

Her only warning sign had been slight difficulty breathing.

“I just thought it was aging,” she said.

Boudreau gets a CT scan every six months and is still cancer-free.


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